Patty Thomases

Patty is a 49 year-old mom.  She and her husband, Jordan, have two children, Matthew (13) and Natalie (7).  Patty has stage IV metastatic adenocarcinoma of the breast with mets to the bones and peritoneal area.  She was diagnosed in September 2014 and had surgery in 2015.  Prior to stopping work, Patty worked in healthcare most of her adult life.

Patty’s wish was to get away on vacation to create family memories.  They went to a resort in Cancun, Mexico.  The family got to see the Mayan ruins, snorkel, swim in the ocean and an underground river, see all kinds of tropical fish and enjoy the pool.  We are so happy the Thomases’ had time away as a family to have fun and forget about the issues back home.