Avery (at age 38) was originally diagnosed with stage IV HER2+ breast cancer in Jan. 2014. Things were going well and there was no evidence of this disease until this March 2016 (at age 40) when she was diagnosed with brain metastasis. The news was devastating and heartbreaking. She’ll continue on her Herceptin from the neck down and has completed a craniotomy for one trpublesome brain lesion. Avery is a wife to Ben and mother to 4 yr old Corrine. Her hopes include celebrating her upcoming 41st birthday, 6th wedding anniversary and 4th mother’s day in May 2016, to be around to see her daughter, Corrine enter Kindergarten in October 2017.
Her wish was to take her family on a Disney cruise. Her wish was granted in May of 2016. AveryHarrison3 AveryHarrison2