Brandis father, 3 aunts, uncle, 2 cousins and both grandparents all died of lung and breast cancer. Pediatricians warned her and her brother to start checking at the age of 30 for signs of cancer. 6 months after Brandi turned 30 we discovered she had breast cancer, Stage 2b. True to her nature, she hit it headstrong. She was so very sick yet she was inspirational to so many people. After complete mastectomy and hysterectomy, doctors said she was in remission, and Brandi began to regain some normalcy in life.

Brandi started having migraine, and once when driving her 13 yr and 9 yr old and 2 yr old niece she came to a stop. She began having seizures and could not change gears to park or talk. Doctors discovered she had stage 4 breast metastatic brain cancer. She had the gamma knife radiation which shrunk the tumor by 50%, making life at least manageable for this condition. Now she has found another lump and will continue to receive routine catscans every 8 weeks for the rest of her life.

Brandi’s wish is to go to Disney World with her family. They went as a family in November 2015.

brandischroeder_disney brandischroeder_disney2