Kenon Neal and her husband Matt adopted each of their precious children, Tanner (18), Luke (14) and Aliza Grace (11) when they were infants. Kenon enjoyed homeschooling each of her boys to accommodate their special learning needs. Kenon began the Kids Cancer Network, an outreach to children with cancer, which published  The Funletter, an activities magazine mailed out to 6,000 locations around the world with the purpose of connecting with these lonely kids. Kenon also was instrumental in writing grants for scholarships and programs at Westmont College.

Kenon faced cancer 5 times since the age of 21. She had Hodgkin’s while attending Westmont in Santa Barbara, CA, and received a bone marrow transplant three years into her marriage. She suffered premature menopause at age 26.  At 40 she was diagnosed with breast cancer caused by the radiation for Hodgkin’s. She endured more treatment, a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Six years later, in 2012, she received news of stage 4 esophageal cancer. Through heavy treatments of chemo, targeted radiation, ablation to the liver, kidney, brain and stomach, Kenon held tightly to her love for God and trusted Jesus for each day He gave her.

Dec. 8, 1965–July 16, 2014