Michelle and Kevin Weaver are blessed with 3 beautiful children, Olivia, Noah, and Emmanuel (Manny).  They are Christ followers and have devoted their lives to loving others and pursuing the Lord. Kevin is a writer. Michelle has homeschooled the kids with Coram Deo Academy for 8+ years. Michelle is strong in her faith and is a selfless warrior for her husband and children.

In 2012, Michelle was diagnosed with Cervical cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and lots of natural healing and received a clean scan in 2013. Three months later, Michelle entered hospital with terrible back pain and more cancer was found. She again faced strong chemotherapy which proved unsuccessful and Michelle was informed that there were no treatments to combat the level of cancer in her body.  Michelle lives in a constant state of trying to manage unbearable back pain.

Michelle was blessed to have been a part of Young Life when she was younger. Her wish is to experience a Young Life Family Camp with her kids and husband at Trail West in Colorado. Michelle says, “going to camp is giving me something to live for.”

1972–January 29, 2016