Rachel is a single mom who in the beginning of 2013 was diagnosed with stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Since the very beginning she knew the only way to battle this dreadful disease was unwavering positivity and living every moment to its fullest with her amazing children, Maggie (8) and Connor (5). Rachel was diagnosed in March of 2013 when she started chemo followed by a mastectomy, radiation and then was placed on a treatment plan of tamoxifen. The cancer was at bay for about 8 months, until it retuned and metastasized spreading to her lungs and lymph nodes in October of 2014. She was then put on a trial hormonal drug for about another 8 months before the cancer then spread again to her bones and additional lymph nodes this past August. A few weeks later we learned the cancer has yet grown again and has moved into the fluid in her pericardium around her heart. She has started chemo therapy again and was told last week that her prognosis was now 6 months.

Her wish is to to take her kids camping in the Grand Canyon. They will fly into Vegas and see the Mystere show. Then they will rent an RV to spend a few days at the Grand Canyon. Rachel will also get to take her kids on a helicopter ride over the canyon.