Roberta was diagnosed in 2008 with Stage II breast cancer when her son was 13 months old. She was 31. After the diagnosis, all she was focused on was having more children. She was very lucky to one healthy little boy, but her family did not feel complete. After 4 years and new research, her new oncologist was on board with her taking a break from medication to try to conceive. Being 35, she immediately went to a fertility specialist who told her that her counts were so low it was very unlikely that she would ever conceive. After 5 days of injectables, she was preganant-with TWINS!! Her perfectly healthy girls were born at 38 weeks in December 2012.
This past February 2016, she found an enlarged lymph node and scans showed that the cancer has returned to numerous spots on her bones, lymph nodes and the lining in my lung. Roberta has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.
Her wish is to take her family to Disney World in Florida. They will make magical memories in September 2016.