Sarah Landis lives in Blaine, MN with her 3 daughters Natalie (14), Larissa (10), Olivia (4), and her husband Mark (8 maybe…)  For the most part Sarah spends the day doing various things with her daughters or Mark. She enjoys a good thrift store, selling great finds on Amazon. (we find creative ways to pay for all things cancer. The struggle is expensive.)  Sarah works at Children’s hospital and clinics in the medical warehouse to keep great insurance. Her husband Mark runs a small taxi company which allows plenty of time for him to take care of Sarah.

Sarah was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in Sept 2009.  Having severe back pain, Sarah made 5 doctor visits over 8 months, each time being told the pain was due to overweight (a little), her clothes were too tight (not even close), or that she had lifted her 4-year-old wrong. On the last visit she forced the issue to order an MRI. The results showed tumors in every visible bone scanned. Over the past 5 years Sarah underwent many treatments to temporarily control the disease, but eventually each failed to conquer the growth of various tumors, and cancer has now spread to her liver and lungs.

Sarah’s wish was to visit Hawaii and she and her family visited Oahu in March of 2015.

February 24, 1981–July 13, 2015