Terran is the wife of an Air Force Officer, mother of two boys (Austin, 16 and Ethan, 14) and a labor and delivery nurse.  Prior to her second diagnosis with breast cancer in Mar 2013, she loved nothing more than delivering babies.  She is the center of any room, a spirit that can’t be broken and a fighter like many have never seen.

At 26, with 4- and 2-year old children, Terran was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She aggressively fought this first meeting with the enemy, undergoing a bilateral mastectomy,  3 months of chemotherapy and an oral estrogen blocker (Tamoxifen) for 8 years post chemotherapy.  In February 2013, about 3 years after stopping her Tamoxifen, she noticed pain in her liver.  CT and liver tests confirmed Terran had breast cancer again with metastasis to her liver. Doctors gave her a life expectancy of 18 to 24 months.  Being the fighter she is, she aggressively attacked again with weekly regiments of abraxane. By April 2013 Terran was down to 98 pounds, so the decision was made to stop the abraxane and start zeloda.  Terran gradually gained her weight and strength back and her tumor markers continued to decline. In November 2013 she began to feel pain in her back and pelvis, and it was confirmed her cancer had now moved to her bones. It will only be a matter of time before she has to switch to chemotherapy again.  Her family now concentrates on making as many memories as a family as they can.

Terran has always wanted to swim with dolphins. Her wish is to take a family trip to Hawaii so she can swim with dolphins, partake in a luau and take in the beauty of the islands.

October 6, 1975–September 28, 2015