Meet Our Moms

The magnificent women we’ve been privileged to bless, who have touched us and countless more along the way.

Shannon – Tennessee – August 2018

Shannon was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2016. She had to quit her job as a bus driver due to the tumor in her spine. According to Shannon, her wish was an easy decision. She picked the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to spend some quality time with her husband and 2 children. They stayed in a beautiful cabin in Pigeon Forge and planned some fun days at Dollywood.

Maureen – Dominican Republic – August 2018

Maureen is a wife and a mother of 3. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and metastatic breast cancer in 2012. She has a daughter in nursing school studying to be an oncology nurse, a son who just left for college, and a 14 year old son. Her wish was to take a vacation together as a family which they did not think was possible. They went to the Dominican Republic in August of 2018. Maureen loved the time away!

Christine – Puppy – August 2018

Christine is a wife and mom to a 12 year old girl. She was diagnosed with Pompey’s disease which affects her muscles. She didn’t have to think long about her wish. It was simple. She wanted a companion for her daughter. Sarah picked out an Australian Shepard puppy. With help from her family they were able to pick up the dog last week. Because of your donations we were not just able to give this family a puppy but also provide food and supplies for this adorable dog! It looks like they are making some great new memories together! Meet their new family member….Ollie Mac💙 Her wish was granted in August of 2018.

Doralee – Pool – June 2018

Doralee is a wife and mother of 7! She was diagnosed in 2015 with renal cell carcinoma. She lost one of her kidneys and the cancer has since spread to her lungs. We worked with Doralee for over a year trying to find the best wish for her family. She has 4 children still at home and some other health problems in the family. Her family also moved, and once they got settled she decided that it would be great to have a pool in their backyard so they could make happy memories this summer, and she can just relax in the pool. They got an above ground swimming pool they all get to enjoy! Her wish was granted in June 2018.

Leslie – Backyard – June 2018

Leslie was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014. She was placed on hospice at the beginning of summer, 2018. She loves sitting outside in her backyard, reading her bible and watching her kids play. Her wish was to fill her backyard with toys and to leave scripture for her boys to hold on to. They now have ping pong, foosball, volleyball and pool toys to play with. Leslie had each boy pick out a new Bible, and she has a friend making scripture signs to put up in her house. She wants to make memories at home! She is so thankful that she is still here doing well and able to enjoy this summer together as a family! Her wish was granted in June 2018.

Kristiana – Hawaii – June 2018

At the age of 39, Kristiana was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She is a single mom with 2 girls. She knew that she probably only had one vacation left, but knew she couldn’t make it happen on her own. Ally’s Wish sent her to the beautiful island of Hawaii! Unfortunately her oldest daughter became sick and couldn’t make it, but Kristiana said her youngest couldn’t stop telling everyone about Ally’s Wish! Her wish was granted in June 2018.

Nina – Yellowstone – June 2018

Nina is from Maryland and has metastatic breast cancer. Her wish was simple… Yellowstone! She wanted to see the beauty of the land. Her family enjoyed spending time together in the beautiful vistas of Yellowstone National Park. Her wish was granted in June 2018.

Adrienne – Canada – June 2018

Adrienne is our first mom from Canada! We touched base with Adrienne 2 years ago. It became too difficult for her to plan a wish. She was still working out treatments for her stage 4 breast cancer that was spreading. Her husband contacted us back in May and asked if we could plan a wish and surprise Adrienne. With the help of our amazing travel agent, a trip was planned for Banff, Canada. Her wish was granted in June 2018.

Anita – Bermuda – June 2018

Anita is 43 years old with a 14 year old son. She was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2016. It has spread to her ribs, spine, pelvis and now her lymph nodes. Her wish was to spend time in the sun, see the smiles on her family’s faces, and take a break from all of the doctor visits. Ally’s Wish sent this family of 3 on a cruise to Bermuda in June 2018.

Kara – Bahamas – May 2018

Kara is a wife and mom to 4 children. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that has spread to many places including her brain. Her life expectancy is pretty short so we were able to quickly get her wish granted thanks to an amazing donor! They left on April 21st and took a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!! They are cherishing all the time they have together as a family, and we are so thankful we got to help bring some joy in this difficult time! Her wish was granted in May 2018.

Christina – Disneyworld – March 2018

Christina has stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones. They have only had 1 family vacation together. Her wish was to take her family to Disney World! They had a great time and made some magical memories. Her wish was granted in March 2018.

Nicole – Disney – February 2018

Nicole’s wish was to take her family to DisneyWorld. Her sweet daughter referred her to us. Nicole was diagnosed in 2012 with stage 3 breast cancer and diagnosed again in 2016 with metastatic breast cancer. Nicole’s family enjoyed a trip to DisneyWorld in January 2018.