Meet Our Moms

The magnificent women we’ve been privileged to bless, who have touched us and countless more along the way.

Nicole – Disney – February 2018

Nicole’s wish was to take her family to DisneyWorld. Her sweet daughter referred her to us. Nicole was diagnosed in 2012 with stage 3 breast cancer and diagnosed again in 2016 with metastatic breast cancer. Nicole’s family enjoyed a trip to DisneyWorld in January 2018.

Tiffany – Hawaii – February 2018

Tiffany’s wish has always been to go to Hawaii!! She will spend the week on the beach and watching her son take surfing lessons. She has been battling metastatic breast cancer for 2 years. This will give them time away as a family and not think about being sick! Her wish was granted in February 2018.

Toni – Hawaii – February 2018

Toni was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2015, and it has now spread to her bones. She continues to fight so she can have more time with her daughter and husband. Her wish is to take her family to Hawaii. Her wish came true in February 2018.

Carol – Hawaii – January 2018

Carol is from Jamaica but came to the US to give her daughters the American dream. Her dream was shattered when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. It has now spread to her bones and stomach. It was her dream to take her two daughters age 16 and 23 to Hawaii and her wish was granted in January 2018.

Denise – DisneyWorld – December 2017

Denise has 3 older children who are grown and 3 younger children who are 8, 5, and 3. She was diagnosed in 2016 with metastatic breast cancer. Her wish was to take her 3 younger kids to DisneyWorld. Ally’s Wish sent them on their dream vacation in December 2017.

Michelle – Birthday Party – December 2017

Michelle was a single mom who battled ovarian cancer over 4 years. She was uncertain how much time she had left but knowing her daughter would soon turn 10 was very important to her. She did not want to miss this special day, so we granted her wish of throwing her daughter a surprise 10th birthday party in December 2017. Michelle gave us her vision and what gifts she wanted to give her daughter. Her daughter was so surprised and said it was the best birthday ever! Michelle passed away a few days later.