Meet Our Moms

The magnificent women we’ve been privileged to bless, who have touched us and countless more along the way.

Brandi Schroeder

Brandis father, 3 aunts, uncle, 2 cousins and both grandparents all died of lung and breast cancer. Pediatricians warned her and her brother to start checking at the age of 30 for signs of cancer. 6 months after Brandi turned 30 we discovered she had breast cancer,...

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Rachel Gittins

Rachel is a single mom who in the beginning of 2013 was diagnosed with stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Since the very beginning she knew the only way to battle this dreadful disease was unwavering positivity and living every moment to its fullest with her amazing...

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Ashleigh Range

Ashleigh is married and mother to two boys, Noah (age 2) and David (11 months). She is highly educated and went to school at Georgia Tech for undergrad and MIT for graduate school. She was first diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer when she was 34 weeks pregnant....

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Julie Whaley

Julie Whaley, a 38 year old mother of three, has been diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer. In 2010, Julie was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative/Inflammatory breast cancer and again in 2014. After 7 months of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, the...

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Sarah Landis

Sarah Landis lives in Blaine, MN with her 3 daughters Natalie (14), Larissa (10), Olivia (4), and her husband Mark (8 maybe…)  For the most part Sarah spends the day doing various things with her daughters or Mark. She enjoys a good thrift store, selling great finds...

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Michelle Weaver

Michelle and Kevin Weaver are blessed with 3 beautiful children, Olivia, Noah, and Emmanuel (Manny).  They are Christ followers and have devoted their lives to loving others and pursuing the Lord. Kevin is a writer. Michelle has homeschooled the kids with Coram Deo...

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