Meet Our Moms

The magnificent women we’ve been privileged to bless, who have touched us and countless more along the way.

Loretta Schoch

Loretta was a wife and mom of 2 beautiful children, a daughter that is special needs and wheelchair bound, and an older son. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2012, she received many treatments though none were successful. Loretta’s Wish was to have their...

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Lynn Acker

Lynn and her husband Tony have 3 boys: Carter (13) Josh (11) and Zack (10). Lynn is very focused on her family and spiritual life. Lynn is one that will always think of others before she thinks about herself. Lynn was diagnosed with adrenal cortical cancer in June...

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Terran Spencer

Terran is the wife of an Air Force Officer, mother of two boys (Austin, 16 and Ethan, 14) and a labor and delivery nurse.  Prior to her second diagnosis with breast cancer in Mar 2013, she loved nothing more than delivering babies.  She is the center of any room, a...

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Karisa Daniel

Karisa is 36 years old. Karisa and her husband Kelly have been married 14 years and have 4 children: Dalton (12), Ariana (9), and twins Deanna and Dakota (7). The Daniel family was on the mission field in Costa Rica for almost 3 years, during which three of their...

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Kenon Neal

Kenon Neal and her husband Matt adopted each of their precious children, Tanner (18), Luke (14) and Aliza Grace (11) when they were infants. Kenon enjoyed homeschooling each of her boys to accommodate their special learning needs. Kenon began the Kids Cancer Network,...

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Angie Harrison

September 13,1969 - August 29, 2014 Angie Harrison often feels as if she is living in a nightmare. In 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following doctors’ orders, she underwent two surgeries and 17 rounds of chemo. Assurance that she was in remission, Angie...

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